Celestory games

Celestory creates numerous episodic games strong narrative dimension to mobile.
These games « where you are the hero » allow you to change your destiny as your moral choices in the adventure that continues from episode to episode.


France, 1789 – Angelica is an English rebel who tries to escape from the Bastille prison after the massacre of her family by the King.

Taste her vengeance and seal the fate of the Revolution’s occurrence on July 14th.

Silent Kill

You are an elite spy on a secret mission to an oil platform in the North Sea. Your objective: save a special hostage without triggering the alarm.

But not all things will go as expected and your choices will be critical.

Sherlock's tales : The broadwalk case

A lot of stories exist around Sherlock Holmes, the famous private detective. Follow his female counterpart, Irene Adler, on the Boardwalk Case.

Taking place in Atlantic City, in a pursuit of conspiracy and power which could change the face of the world.

Nafnaf et son calibre 12

The tale of the Three Little Pigs pumped-up with GTA ! Meet the Great Wolf and Nafnaf as you have never met them before. The Tale Office has decided to change the destiny of the characters without consulting them.

The little pig figures it out and rebels. Be careful: it’s gonna clash !

La petite mort 3 : Le jeu

Discover the Davy Mourrier game (Youtube Golden Moustache): The Little Death, The Neutered Ear.
The son of Death is lost in the Nowhere ! Help him to find is way in the middle of … nothing.

But careful, the nothing is very dangerous, especially when you are lokking for the Big Everything.

Escape from pyramide

The first running audigame ! An archaeology teacher and his young guide discover a mystic dagger in the heart of an ancient pyramid. But their imprudence unleashes Egyptian demons.

They have only one solution left… run !

Les royaumes du Dashan

Jorad Dhan is a traveller in the Radjah Ashugeran realm, who gives his daughter in marriage to an enemy in effort of sealing the peace.

The princess is kidnaped and, in between conspiracy and proclaimed war, the destiny of Dashan is in your hands.

La route du sang

Alex goes with his buddies to a party. The atmosphere is relaxed when they finally get through the dark road of the country forest. The night is supposed to be a memorable event, but is not for certain unexpected reasons.

Who’s gonna live ? You decide…

Napoléon : 1805 - Austerlitz

Learn the secrets of History. One year after the crowning of Napoleon, the under resourced French emperor, has to face the Russian and Austrian armies during in battle which shapes all of Europe.

Take the control of his army and embrace your destiny !

Cross of war

June 6th 1944. You are James, the captain of 82th Airborne Division.

You and your squad are on board the plane conducting you to the hell-heart of battle where the choices that await you will change your fate as well as all your company.

Dernière terre

Thomas is going through a zombie infested France to join his brother and escape to England, the last bastion of Human Kind.

Between survival, the infected and psychos, danger is at every turn.


In a fantasy world, you are an adventurer lost in the blizzard. On the top of the mountain, you spend the night in the inn. But when you awake, you discover that you have been bitten.

You don’t have a lot of time to kill the vampire, but be quick, your transformation has already begun!

Dur à cuire

Jeff Brodier, a former special forces agent, leads a quiet life as a grand hotel cook. When terrorists take the entire building hostage.

Summon your hidden skills and save the day by serving them some plates of lead !

Jules Verne's Secret journey

Victor is a young scientist on a mission to save Otto Lidenbrock in the Center of the Earth. During the expedition, he discovers a secret which could drastically change the world.

At the heart of a conflict opposing two perceptions of science, he’s going to choose his side and decide on the destiny of Earth.

Notre Dame de Paris : les reliques du temps

Clara is studying History in Paris when she receives a call from her friend David. The boy is in Notre-Dame Cathedral, dying, when a strange professor gives her the opportunity to save him drinking a time travel potion.

Run into the history of the Cathedral, along Templars, Louis XIV and Victor Hugo, to the pursuit of the Time Relics!

Space drift

2162. Jane accidentally leaves her cryogenic sleep into the colonial spaceship Meteor.

Discovering that it left his trajectory and she is the last one onboard, she is going to do everything to take its control and fight a terrifying menace, drifting in space !

McCoy & Guerrero : l'invasion des sushis

New York, 1968. McCoy & Guerrero are two dirty cops who are investigate for their own interest. Incompetent and immoral, you’re invited in their eccentric and dangerous adventures.

Facing a changing world, their goal is simple: preserve the American way of life !


Celestory studio can create your own narrative game. Giving life thought an innovative experience to your universe or creating an interactive guide to your place, we put our expertise and technology at your service.


As game publisher, a content creator or if you want to publish a narrative game with a big financial potential and a low production cost, we can offer you an worldwide exclusive commercial licence.