The First Book on Interactive Story Writing

Release in 2019

With the exclusive testimonies of the creators of Detroit, Heavy Rain, Life is Strange, The Walking Dead and much more !

Video games have become the world’s leading cultural product. The narrative has finally taken its rightful place. Discover behind the scenes, embrace your creativity and immerse yourself in a unique writing workshop led by the greatest interactive writers.

Whether you are a video game enthusiast, student or a professional, discover how to create personalized experiences that are more immersive than ever before and offer your player the opportunity through his or her choices to write his or her own destiny.

The methods, strategies and secrets of this new art await you. To learn about them, go to page 1.



Press: Marie-Pierre DANSET
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International rights: May YANG
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Celestory: Santiago Gonzales Garcia
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Pierre Lacombe, INSEAD Alumni, is an interactive experience producer and founder of Celestory, the leading narrative video game engine for entertainment and learning to export a smartphone app, a web app or an Alexa skill.

Clément Rivière is a writer and artistic director. He works on interactive fiction in audio, comic book and video game formats. At the same time, he teaches writing and theatre in several schools in Europe.

Gabriel Féraud is an award-winning interactive scriptwriter and author of role-playing games, books in which you are the hero, and narrative video games. A specialist in crime fiction and former history teacher, he gives many MasterClasses on story-telling.