Discover a tailor-made turnkey offer from our expert partners using Celestory technology to create cheaper applications up to 10 times faster.

Our gamified apps

🔊 Alexa

Smart booth with screen

Voice controlled


Text (+ pictures)

💬 Chatbot

Simple & easy text design

The righ information at the right time


Text + Avatar

🕹️ Serious game

Videogame appeal

Familiar places and avatars


 Text + Avatars + Backgrounds

▶️ Interactive video

Immersion video / 360

Dive in reality


Text + Film crew

Adapt your message to each of your employees or customers

Adapt your message to each of your employees or customers

Our difference

Speed of production

90% of the automated l´app code:
A 10X faster production!

Interactive scenario consulting

Decompose the message and associate as many differentiating variables as possible

Data analysis

Audience results become market research

Customized experience technology

To maximize everyone’s immersion and commitment

References and Testimonials

« Celestory is the perfect solution to model our professional experience with the unique appeal of personalization and interactivity, maximizing the identification of our teams in training. »

Bernadette Fulton, President of Cedap and General Delegate of the National Federation of Clothing

« It can be difficult for the customer to know what is best for him/her in a large catalogue. Celestory allowed us to create a commercial guide by encouraging the customer to formulate his need to enable us to increase our purchasing transformation. This is the future of the personalized offer! »

Frédéric Courraud, voiceover producer and former financial director.



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Références et Témoignages

« Celestory est la solution parfaite pour modéliser notre expérience professionnelle avec l’attrait unique de la personnalisation et de l’interactivité, maximisant l’identification de nos équipes dans la formation. »

Bernadette Fulton, présidente du Cedap et déléguée générale de la Fédération Nationale de l’Habillement

« Il peut être difficile pour le client de savoir ce qui lui correspond le mieux au sein d’un grand catalogue. Celestory nous a permis de créer un guide commercial en incitant le client à formuler son besoin pour nous permettre d’augmenter notre transformation d’achat. C’est l’avenir de l’offre personnalisée ! »

Frédéric Courraud, producteur de voix-off et ex-directeur financier.



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