Celestory Creator is the world’s simplest game engine. Without any development knowledge and thanks to a block and variable system, you can design your tree structure visually and simply. Here you will find video tutorials that will detail the basics of creation.

Create your video game in minutes! With the Celestory Creator, titillate your desire to write an interactive script, to bring it to life!

  1. Start by downloading the engine to your computer (soon the cloud)
  2. Draw your branch scenario using a system of blocks and variables.
  3. Combine media content such as text, images or videos.
  4. Previewing and generating the application for your game is very easy.
  5. Share it and monetize it immediately in direct sale or via app stores.

Here are tutorial videos to help you in every step of your project. A Discord chat is available for any questions, suggestions or testimonies.

We wish you the best of inspiration!