Writing an interactive scenario

The aim of the book : we have self-in-of-the-art models of interactive narration, including the system of choice/consequences for a pedagogical or commercial purpose. In short, help to create the narrative that corresponds to them.

Authors : Pierre LacombeClément Rivière, Gabriel Féraud        
Exclusive testimonies : David Cage – Bafta best game scenario Heavy Rain (Quantic Dream), Erwan Le Breton (Ubisoft), Fibre Tigre (Out There), Jean-Luc Cano – Bafta best game scenario Life is strange (Dontnod), Thomas Veauclin (The Council), David Bowman (Telltale‘s : The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead), Benjamin Diebling (Beyond Two Souls, Detroit Become Human)

Press contact : Marie-Pierre DANSET
+33 1 44 41 46 05 

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